Saturday, May 17, 2008

Suburban Labor Camp

Day 3 of landscaping was not bliss. I spent way too much time shovelling dirt under the sun and am now majorly bonked.

When I got too tired to shovel anymore, I cleaned up inside while Roscoe hosted a movie party. I love kids in clumps.

It's fortunate for everyone here that I can get some vicarious weekend joy from feeding kids popcorn while they watch something like Alex Rider. (Watch for forthcoming posts about my quest to remedy the design disaster zone my playroom has become.)


  1. Landscaping is hard work! All I did yesterday morning was weed for an hour and a half or so and I was pooped all day long! I guess what I really should have spent that hour and a half doing is shoveling dirt and planting grass to get RID of some of those flower beds. Oh well.
    The piles of kids are very cute. It took me a minute to tell which of the shaggy-haired boys was yours!

  2. It makes those "bliss" days seem so much better, doesn't it? I'm sure your yard looks fabulous