Friday, May 30, 2008

Whirling Dervishes Run for Fun Undaunted by Whirlwind

This week has been a bit too much. Six resume orders (though only one from my business). Cub Scout pack meeting. Karate. Last piano lesson. Home teaching. Stake auxiliary training meeting. Birthday present shopping. Trip to Party City for supplies. Delivery of 4 cubic yards of mulch. Fixing bikes. Last day of preschool and accompanying party. Some kind of laundry vortex where I swear I did five loads a day and it just kept multiplying.

It's been day after day of timed-to-the-minute agendas and our family is like troupe of whirling dervishes--but faster and with less spiritual focus--twirling in and out of the van in a choreographed frenzy.

I'll spare you the logistical details of how I managed to show up for the elementary school's annual Fun Run and the errands I squeezed in between the kindergarten and upper grades' races. Hallelujah we did have spring weather today! Like the good sport I am, I loaded Haley and Jesse in the cumbersome double stroller and ran alongside Levi for the kindergarteners' 1 mile run. Actually, Levi didn't let me run alongside. Heedless of my good-sportingness, he refused to even look at me--except when I shouted, "We're catching up with you!" and he glanced at us, then whizzed ahead.

I didn't even try to run with Logan, who was much faster. But we positioned ourselves to cheer him along at two points during his race. He says he came in 10th. As you can see, he poured water over his head. And he's wearing his shirt backwards because he likes that ugly picture.

It's exhausting and I really could use a nice long session of The Office therapy and an early bedtime. But I have to confess--it's also a blast. So many fun kids doing so many fun things. And I'm the one planting the tomatoes and spreading the mulch and loading the pinata and creating the castle-shaped birthday cake and making the birthday presents and running with the stroller so the fun and can go on and on.


  1. We just got a load of about 7 tons of sand for our play set area, so the kids are playing on the hill while we dig and rake it into place. Ok, not at this moment, at this moment both Rob and I are taking a break to computer work and read blogs. Mmm..and The Office sounds great right now. Or Heroes. We're on the last disc of the 1st season.

  2. Oh the imagery. Sounds like a lot of fun for all. What lucky children to have such a good sport for a Mom. (Pushing a double stroller with a 4-year-old in it is not easy!)

  3. Wow, you are keeping busy! Now that school's out, I need to think of some fun (not too far away) things to do with the kids

  4. Sounds like a fun but stressful time!