Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Year of No Spring

I didn't complain when I froze during every single one of Levi's spring tee ball games or when, worst of all, driving snow pelted my face and I told poor Levi to do 10 jumping jacks whenever he felt cold so he jumped and jacked throughout the entire game.

I didn't complain when the kids had to keep wearing their worn-out, too-short jeans to school because why buy new ones when spring really should arrive any moment and they can start wearing shorts.

Or when I had to dig the mittens and coats back out of their box.

Or when Levi's spring fieldtrip to the zoo got snowed on.

Or when our Memorial Day barbecue got moved indoors.

But today it's *%$@# May 29th and the fourth graders are taking their big fieldtrip to the mountains under black clouds and cold driving rain.


  1. And if we're suggesting places to move...we played in the pool in our backyard today so I guess that makes Virginia a candidate! We definitely have Spring around here! The Rhodedendrians are blooming, the daffodils and Irises have come and gone already, the trees are lush green, etc. Virginia totally beats Texas as far as Spring goes.

  2. It probably doesn't make you feel better, but that sounds like our weather this week! (I really will get no spring. Next month we go from very late autumn to summer when we move back to the US...)

  3. As much as I love Texas, there is only about a week of spring. I was very taken off guard when I arrived in Virginia May 10th and it wasn't summery! ...It was spring!