Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A Day Off

Last night was a doozie. I really can't remember when we've had one as bad. Jesse apparently woke up in the night--probably just needing someone to retrieve his binkie from the corner of his bed--and Mark woke up before I did. Whatever Mark did--probably taking too long to locate said binkie--made Jesse very, very, very upset. I had to intervene. Before I succeeded in tiptoeing back to my bed, Jesse progressed, slowly, through the following stages:

1. Screaming madly.
2. Heaving tortured, post-cry hiccups.
3. Lying down but not sleeping, with rabid eyes fixed on Mom.
4. Appearing to sleep only to rise with piercing screams whenever I inched myself toward his door.

I'm sure you're familiar.

(Yes, I could have just shut the door and let him scream in solitude, but he had clearly exceeded his capacity to self-soothe and since this was an isolated incident I decided to help him out. Besides, it's a toss up on which is less comfortable: lying in bed while your baby screams madly or lying on the floor while your baby is quiet.)

So my eyes are heavy, I'm in a fog, and I hereby declare today a DUD. Of course for Moms, an off day doesn't mean a day off. Clients must be phoned, dinner made, children nurtured, and all that jazz. But expectations of great productivity are aborted and my only goal is to keep the home fires burning til I can hole up with a book in bed.

Update: I think I was actually sick yesterday. Mark the superhero didn't even flinch when I went straight to bed after serving the family a delicious meal of leftover hotdogs and yesterday's whole wheat bread.


  1. I was all excited for you for a minute when I thought you were going to conclude this awful tale of woe with a "so I took the day off". But I guess your conclusion is more realistic (unfortunately). You're good at just starting over, though. Sometimes I have the best days right after the worst days - so there's hope!

  2. What if I feel like this everyday? In survival mode, diapering is the only thing that happens in my house---not even dinner. This is a regular occurrence.

  3. Hope you got to that good book. You deserve it!

  4. I'm always caught off guard by sickness as well--I immediately attribute "off days" to all my character flaws, when in the end it's often an actual virus. The problem is we can't afford time to acknowledge illness! We need to cut ourselves some slack, I think. If you need to curl up with a book, curl up, baby!