Saturday, June 21, 2008

How do you afford your rock and roll lifestyle?


5:00 pm Mark and I drive away from our home and the five children therein. The Flemings--again--have volunteered to man all posts while we sneak away for a sleepover.

6:00 pm After a delicious feast of Middle Eastern barbecue, we check in to our downtown hotel. I'm not at home! I'm not even in the suburbs! The only person who knocks on this door is a hotel staffer offering me chocolate and bottled water. We take long showers. I soak, I shave, I exfoliate. We watch 2 episodes of Law & Order. Spools are unwinding.

9:00 pm We emerge from our hideaway to walk down the block for Italian gelato. We pass bars overflowing with pimped out meat market hopefuls. We feel smug in happy, marital bliss.

10:00 pm We watch Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day, which we highly recommend. New quote to be integarted into conversation whenever possible: "But the crisis is ongoing!"

midnight We fall asleep in our huge, downy bed, happily confident that no one will come weasel between us at the crack of dawn.


10:00 am Mark wakes up.

1:00 pm We come home to find the Flemings have not only kept everyone safe and happy, they've made pancakes and cake and had the children tidy their toys.

1:15 pm We leave for a hike. A single file line of 6 children precedes us, chatting and sharing ridiculous kid lore as they tramp up the dusty trail under the hot sun. Mark carrying Jesse and Steve with Gillian are the caboose. At the top of the trail we reach a cold reservoir. We wade and splash for a long time before tramping back down.

5:00 pm We roast hot dogs over the fire in the backyard for our dinner. Amazingly--frighteningly--we consume 32 hotdogs.

8:15 pm Our overpartied and very stinky kids have been bathed and tucked into bed. In a few minutes, the adults will sneak out to see Get Smart. Is it pathetic how liberating this is for me?


  1. Can the Flemmings come move in with us?? They sound like a blast and the kids have such a great time. That is so great! I am so glad you and Mark got away for a bit. Isn't it amazing what just 24 hours of solitude can do for a person?

  2. What a glorious day! You really packed the fun in there. Congratulations on a day spent filling your "bucket" with minimal drainage by outside sources.

  3. Sounds refreshing! What fun1