Sunday, June 1, 2008

Levi's 6th Birthday Party

This boy has been a joy for each of his last 2,190 days.

His birthday party was a hodgepodge of things Levi likes with no unified theme: Batman pinata, sand castle birthday cake from Family Fun magazine, Hulk party favors, roasting hot dogs over a fire, and playing toilet tag.


  1. Looks like a fab party for a fab little guy. What a great cake! I love the pic where you are setting it on the table and Levi is in the background looking at it with pure contentment. The kind of take-it-for-granted contentment that kids with good mothers have. This cake is just what he wanted, but that's no big deal because he knew his mother would come through. least that's what I see.

  2. That cake is awesome! I've never gotten into the cool birthday cakes. Maybe next year..

  3. Wow! Righteous cake!

    But....what is toilet tag?