Thursday, June 26, 2008

Play-Doh for the road

My business is doing lots of business this week. Good in many ways--bad for organized packing! I kind of like turning the van into our own little family oasis with little packaged treats and movies and books and tapes. Usually I pack very little--but if we're really going to stay for 6 weeks I don't think I want to wear the same three outfits over and over.

To tide you over while we're driving, here's a truly great Play-Doh recipe. I call it "Aunt Sue's Play-Doh," but Sue says she calls it "Ellen's Play-Doh," and who knows whom Ellen got it from. It uses ingredients you probably already have, it mixes up in minutes, and the warm smoothness of it is very soothing. The kneading is the best part.

Aunt Sue's Play-Doh

1 c flour
1 c water
1/2 c salt
1 T cooking oil
1 T cream of tartar
food coloring

Cook and stir over medium heat until it forms a ball.

Dump on counter and knead.


  1. what do you use cream of tartar for, besides play-doh?

  2. Safe driving, Ang. We'll see you soon!!!!

    Cream of Tartar goes in some baking - I think it's Snickerdoodles that I use it in most often.

  3. Haley's hair always looks so great, like she just stepped out of a salon. if she keeps that up she'll be a shoe-in for corporate america.

    those of us with messier hair choose science and academia.

    How's Mark's hair these days?