Saturday, June 28, 2008

Saturday in Albuquerque

We've been at the McGee homestead in Albuquerque for more than 24 hours now. Mark's sister Shanna arrived with her children Sammy and Annie just moments after we did, and the cousin fun has rolled nonstop ever since.

Skip is building this great treehouse in the front courtyard. Roscoe and Logan have been great helpers, and I even saw Haley pound in a nail today.

Everyone agreed the kids should eat their lunch on the treehouse.

The highlight of the day was the all-boy lizard hunt. By the end, one lizard had met its death and four more were living in the Bionicle bucket.
We went to the pool after lunch.
Poor Jesse was in the throes of the after-nap grumps. He clung to Mom, demanded otter pops, and lounged with Roscoe and Grandma, but refused to have fun in the water.

Then, when everyone else was swum out and ready to pack up, he suddenly, inexplicably jumped up and ran into the pool, fast as a pink, greased piggy. I practically killed myself trying to reach the pool before he did. Then he spent 20 minutes laughing manically and splashing like a madman. Apparently he was able to condense all his pool fun into those few minutes.


  1. Awesome! Glad to hear you made it safely to ABQ. Have fun with those other cousins, but we are certainly waiting anxiously to get some of our time. The kids are counting the days.

  2. Glad you made it safe.

    Asher did almost the exact same thing today when we went to the pool. He was a big poop until right before it was time to go when he discovered he liked the water slide and then cried forever when we said it was time to go. Must be a two year old thing.

    Happy driving again.

  3. Ditto to Joe, we can hardly wait. Hello, Roscoe - I have been missing you under your mane. Love the new do!

  4. You're on the world tour! Want to swing up to Oregon while you're at it?

    Where did you find that super-cute swimsuit?