Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Summer Launch Party

Summer has officially launched with the arrival of our favorite non-relatives, the Flemings. When we're lucky they stay with us during summers and Christmas vacations, and the kids really can't figure out why they ever leave.

Steve began our visit by making his famous Fleming chocolate chip cookies. He's just the kind of guy that would happily let Haley help.

Casey played Cranium Cadoo for a long time with Jesse. Jesse would say, "ball," and Casey would reply seriously, "ball." Over and over again. I love how summer vacation makes the kids play together in all different combinations.

Here's a clump of children on the tramp.

Logan, Casey, Bridget, and Roscoe play Sorry. Poor Logan still has school this week! He's been a great sport by heading off each morning while the rest of us frolic.
Roscoe set up a tent, just for fun. The kids ate lunch there, spilled milk there, colored there, and with any luck, will at some point fall asleep there.

Haley has been in heaven with little Gillian to play with.

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  1. Looks like quite a party! How fun to have such good friends that they can just meld with the family. I hope our kids are like that in July.