Thursday, June 19, 2008

Swiftly Tilting

A moment where the crazy, kiltered modern world came into focus for me:

Logan: "Whooo-hoo, that was sweet!"

Levi: "What was sweet?"

Logan: "The way we killed that guy and got $600 for it. Because he was the most wanted fugitive."

The boys play this online game where they create avatars and fulfill quests. So there's strategy and creativity and collaboration and a diverse world, and even money management because they earn money through tasks and buy gear with it--well, weapons. And they get to play for only 20 minutes a day.

But still, this is a family that generally doesn't eat meat, that lets bugs live happily alongside us--at most gently sweeping them outside, that works every day on creating peace, and my kids think of fighting and killing as forms of entertainment?


  1. I would be scared.....but then I remember playing Doom on the computer with my brother *all the time*. Lots of killing and blood in that game...

  2. I am surprised to hear that your boys get to play a game like that. Because of all the reasons you listed. But I guess it's probably the whole "they're gonna see it anyway so why not control it at home" thing. Blah. Suddenly I dont want Asher and Isaiah to grow up.

  3. Ok you're right. Sometimes I feel bad for the kids that they're so repressed by us and never get to play Play Stations or anything...But they shouldn't play games where the object is to kill people--that's a pretty clear line. So thanks for the pep talk.

  4. Which game are they playing?

    Go read some James Gee, you'll feel better.