Tuesday, July 15, 2008

365 degrees

Most of the bloggers in our family are in one place, attending the same events, and blogging about them!

~ To hear Jessica's take on our three-hour hot yoga class, in which I did things I've never done before, go here.

~ Learn about how to bring 12 children to church from Nancy here.

~ Joe and Jessica's farm is a must-see on the kids' vacation lists. Here Joe describes how they're keeping their visitors busy.

~ Logan wrote a nice long blog post about our drive and his fun with cousins. Contains some liberties with fact.

Ruthie? Dad? Where are your accounts?

Sadly, Ruthie and Kelly have left us. And Kelly had the gall to take Roko with her! Roko was definitely a hit with his cousins. Silly Mark kept fretting his baby could never be as cute as his cousins (and it's true we've set the bar pretty high). So he was blessed with one of the most angelically beautific babies ever.

Kelly sportingly plays a board game with a bunch of little ones.

Pretty little Roko relaxes with Grandpa.

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  1. You guys must have had a nice quiet afternoon with 3 of your boys and Christopher gone?