Thursday, July 17, 2008

Favorites & Survivors

We are a family with no ancestral homeland. My family moved every couple years--at least!--throughout my childhood. The home my parents and siblings connect with most is one I lived in only for two summer breaks in college. Plus my snazzy Mom is constantly redecorating and purging and updating. So it's rare to encounter a blast-from-the-past object from my youth.

Childhood Favorites:
I think my Grandma A. gave this to my mom. Today Mom is basking in a house chock-full of pretty tskotkes. Back in the day, they were impractical and unaffordable. This little vase is pearlized, and I remember gazing at all the pretty colors swirled in it.

My Grandma A. was also an avid oil painter. Our house was full of her pieces: deer, rivers, mountains, flowers. I think thiswas my favorite. It's a pretty little oval, only about eight inches across.

"Oh my gosh, you still have this?":
A woven-pattern wooden salad bowl. This has been here forever.

A thin canvas blanket in pea green. It's huge. Apparently indestructable. Carted to untold picnics and campouts. What was it originally meant to be?


  1. Survivors indeed: The vase was a b-day gift from Grandma A our first year in Brawley. The oval bowl of pansies I asked her to paint for my mother whose mother loved pansies shortly after she died. (These items have both been broken by a former generation of inhabitants of my home and repaired). The salad bowl was a wedding gift and has avoided the dishwasher for years. The blanket was my college bedspread!!

  2. Wow, lots of history there and yes, apparently the blanket IS indestructible!

    I hear you on the "no ancestral homeland." I am never really sure what to say when people ask me where I am from. I usually just tell them it is a long story and that I was born in NM (but never lived there,) passed through AZ and CA, grew up in WA and graduated HS in TX before going to school in UT, serving a mission in MA & ME followed by an internship to FL and a job offer in ID.
    Actually, now that I am back in TX, it makes things alot more simple and I can leave most of that out and just pretend I am from here (using the stint in WA as an excuse for my lack of a TX accent.)
    Who needs to be "from" somewhere anyway?

    Army brat, right? really...