Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Home is where Mommy is

We arrived! In record time! My parents welcomed us with very endearing enthusiasm--it takes a special breed to be quite so excited about opening one's beautiful house to a horde of ill-mannered grandkids.

I put the kids to bed last night just a few hours after we had arrived, but I realized my parents had invested some beautiful quality time with each one, giving each one the type of activity they would most appreciate: A heart-to-heart with Roscoe about the challenges and blessings of a large family. A tea party with Haley. Snuggles with Jesse. A bit of illicit movie-watching with Logan. Bionicle talk with Levi. I kept looking around and seeing everyone getting attention and loving instruction and mentoring from multiple sources! Ahhh.


  1. Your parents are the best at this kind of thing! They know just what the kids need. Welcome to Texas!