Tuesday, July 29, 2008

How to enjoy 11 kids at once

Last night it became apparent that today would be one of those days. The six Allred kids were coming over so Allison could pack for their huge trip. Any chance to spend time with the Allreds is happy news, but it meant a grand total of 11 kids. And I had a lot of work. And during the night, a mysterious stomach ailment spread further through our family, including me.

We finally retrieved poor Logan from Jessica's. He was supposed to be keeping her children occupied but actually spent two days in bed and in the bathroom. He came home white and pasty with sunken, gray eyes--not unlike his Halloween costume. All day I've been nursing him back to life, plying him with sips of cold water and bits of toast and banana.

Meanwhile, Levi is falling into sickness. At one point he announced that he felt okay only when his head was covered. So he wrapped blankets around his head and fell asleep in his chair. Finally, I uncurled him and carried him to my bed, where he's sleeping to the sound of crashing waves from Jesse's noise machine.

Games of Twister, Connect 4, Monopoly, Gladiator, and who knows what else have run all day long with different subsets of cousins. The TV has been on way too much, but actually I think no one kid has watched all that much of it. Emma and I made two plates of sandwiches--the square ones were meat and the triangle ones were peanut butter and honey--and people served themselves whenever their games had reached an end.

Thankfully for all, we had Grandpa in our back pocket. He dispatched to the farm to get Logan, then later to bring us milk and apple juice and pizzas.


  1. We felt really bad for Logan. He was feeling great the one moment, only to feel worse the next. We took the opportunity to re nourish him with toast, bananas, and apple sauce while he felt better. I think out of the 48 hours he was at our house, he slept about 36 hours. I hope he starts to feel better, and maybe he can come back to visit us, and actually enjoy himself.

  2. Oh, man. Poor everybody there. I guess if you're going to be somewhere all summer you're bound to get some sort of sickness while you're there - but still...yuck. I hope you don't get it too bad, Ang.

    Good luck.

  3. oh, not fun! I hope you're all feeling better by now!