Sunday, July 13, 2008

Roscoe Is a Teenager

Itinerary for Roscoe's 13th birthday:

1. Pick up Allred cousins.
2. Go to nickel arcade. Spend hundreds of nickels.
3. Return to Grandma's house.
4. Greet an amazing host of relatives, including Aunt Nancy, Isaiah, Asher, Naomi, Joe and Jessica's family, the remaining Allreds, Aunt Ruthie, Aunt Kelly and Roko, Grandma Benac, Christopher W.
5. Eat pizza, pop, and--again--dirt pudding crawling with gummy worms.
6. Open presents, including Lord of the Rings Monopoly and Lord of the Rings Stratego.
7. Go home with Allreds and commence three-day Lord of Rings fest. Watch LOTR movies, break for LOTR games, repeat.


  1. I sense a theme: does he, by chance, like LoTR? Congrats on having a teenager!

  2. Berkeley is trying to plow through the LoTR books. It's slow-going though. I just know they could be good friends given the chance!

    I like the haircut!