Monday, July 21, 2008

Various and Sundry = $165

Today my entourage of five and I ventured to WalMart. Aren't you amazed at the diversity of things that end up on your list? A selection:

~ 2 t-shirts from those discount tables near the aisle. $2.50 each. Size 6/7. Striped.

~ Bananas, green onions, cantaloupe, big carrots, little carrots, frozen spinach, fresh spinach.

~ Mozarella cheese, black beans, chicken broth, sour cream, milk, feta.

~ Sunday shoes for Logan. At least 1 full size too big. Oughta last til he gets his deacon's suit. (This is the sixth pair of shoes I've bought since arriving in Dallas three weeks ago. And Roscoe says he'll need some soon as well.)

~ 1 SpeedRacer backpack for Levi.

~ 1 backpack for Logan, who lost his during the last week of school.

~ 1 Mission to Mars Lego set for Roscoe, who was spending some of the money he's earning working for his Grandpa.

~ 1 mini Bionicle and 1 Sweet Secret doll. Consolation prizes for Levi and Haley, who don't get paid for their work.

Roscoe spent his time heaving pained sighs as he walked along beside me. And Logan complained that chatty Levi was embarrassing him. Oh the pain of appearing in public with family! So on the way home, I pointed out to the kids that there's nothing embarrassing about our family--unless some of us are radiating bad attitude. Grumpy, bickering, surly kids--now that's embarrassing. Plus, I said, people who see us are likely to suspect we're Mormons, so we have a missionary obligation to appear harmonious.


  1. Where did all those shoes go? I do the same thing with shoes, go a size bigger so they can wear them for a while.

  2. Well thank goodness you finally found the shoes for Logan - it took long enough. Sounds like a good lesson you tried to teach your kids on the way home.

  3. Funny, my Wal Mart trip yesterday included a lot of the same things..including the Speed Racer backpack! Luckily thoughI have not had to buy 6 pair of shoes this month. Sounds like you are having fun. Is Mark being productive?

  4. Ooooh... I like that last bit. I'll have to remember that.