Monday, August 18, 2008

A Happy Misfortune and a Call for Advice

The other day Mark was reaffixing the handle that some little hooligan had ripped from fridge. And I asked him, only half-jokingly, if he could somehow manage to destroy the whole fridge in the process. Because that's the only way I'll ever end up with a new one.

The very next evening I made the mistake of leaving my camera in a place where little hands could reach it with only the effort of pushing a chair to the counter. Not on the floor, not in the driveway, not in the toybox. But by the time I returned to put it away in the morning the camera was dead.

Have I been pining for a new camera for months? One that bathes my beautiful children in beautiful that appropriately captures the magic of their that focuses? Yes, yes, a thousand times yes. Do I have money saved for such a purpose? Uhhhh...

But desperate times call for desperate measures, and I certainly can't live camera-less! This morning I had to call neighbors and ask them to please take pictures of Logan and Levi as they rode by on their way to The First Day of School. So my wish for the fridge has now come true for the camera, and friends, I need your advice. Which camera should I buy? My only criteria is sharp, saturated, light-diffused pictures. Pretty much unlike anything seen heretofore on this blog.

Your suggestions?


  1. How about I'll trade you a 3.something MP Kodak with a 1G card for a bike trailer? Shipped... I was going to come steel it anyway.

  2. We have a Canon digital Rebel and just love it. We got the first one that came out, but the most recent is the Xsi. You can get them for a pretty good price if you look around. might have some good deals on cameras, too.

  3. I also have a Canon digital Rebel and also love it! My sister just got the Xsi and I have been slightly jealous as it is quite a bit better than my outdated version but I still really like mine. They are a little pricey but so worth being able to capture expressions at the instant you want them. I got so sick of having a delay every time I went to take a picture. You know kids - they don't just hold a pose like you would like.

  4. There are so many good point-and-shoot cameras out there. I have a Kodak that has a video function on it. It was about $400 about 4 years ago. I like it because it's just a SD memory card, so it's easy to transfer to a computer, no cord required to transfer. But there are tons of cameras just like it. Do a search on or something like that and you can find all sorts of reviews in every or any price range.

  5. I love my Canon PowerShot SX100.