Thursday, August 21, 2008

"I know how you feel but I don't know how you do it."

So this week Levi and Logan have started school but Roscoe hasn't. Can you tell I'm having fun with him lurking around me and making strange comments? We finally found him some jeans that fit his long, lanky frame--size eight%$@#teen!--and he looks like a million bucks. There are many moments when his kooky fantasy gobblydegook wears me out. Do I look like a person who wants to discuss the details the creation of orcs? But many other times it's a treat to have a son old enough to relate to, with a sense of humor I don't have to pretend to like. For now--salt over my shoulder--we get each other. Last night he showed me a scene from Lord of the Rings that he thought I would like--and I did like it. It's where Sam tells Frodo that the stories that matter are the ones where the heroes encounter evil but press on nevertheless.

Today at lunch Roscoe showed me this video:

He claimed that he would be a much better Mr Mom than the dad in this video. I pointed out that thinking you know better than your parents is a hallmark of teenagers. And he said, "Well, I never could be as good a parent as you."

Wow. Emblazon that one on my heart. Make me a plaque. Commission sky writers. This moment may never return again...until Roscoe has a two-year-old of his own.


  1. Wow. Thanks for the video. I needed a good grin!

  2. That is adorable! What a rare statement to escape a teenagers mouth. Wow! I can only hope to hear those words someday.

  3. Definitely get that in writing; notarized if you can. Sounds like he's the kind of kid that keeps you on your toes--good luck with that :-)

  4. I've heard that song before, and it always makes me smile, but I had never seen that video. Too funny. And he's right, you're a great parent.

  5. simply the best, both of you! Hey and CONGRATULATIONS on Red Rocket getting that award. Way to go!more evidence that you are way awsome

  6. I feel you. I've been struck more than once with the pleasant realization that Berkeley is one of my favorite people to be around. And his jokes are funny and we have a lot in common. I'm even starting to read Lord of the Rings to try to enter his world--but I'm also with you on the kooky fantasy gooblydegook--I usually tune it out.

    Again, sorry to respond to every post at once. But it's fun...I feel like I just spent a half hour with you!