Friday, August 29, 2008


1. The washer is fixed!

You didn't know that my beautiful, adored washing machine was broken. That's because it was too depressing to even think about. Especially when the first repair guy on the scene said it would cost $500 to repair. Then didn't return my calls for 6 days. While the dirty socks mounded higher and higher.

Finally I fired the first guy and got a new guy who arrived at my door promptly at 9:00 the very next morning and fixed it for $58. I gave him extra, just so he'd be getting at least as much as the guy who caused me such grief and cosmic justice could be preserved.

The drain pump was packed full of candy wrappers and tiny Bionicle pieces. So now I know how to fix that on my own, and the sound of the happy machine washing all my troubles away is music to my ears.

2. Things I haven't photographed this week because I still don't have a camera

~ Rosoce on his first day of 8th grade.
~ The butter on the rug.
~ Levi with his first missing tooth.
~ The 8 little Jesse fingertips I saw poking under his bedroom door when I went upstairs to bed last night.

3. Our week

Has been a challenge. Levi is apparently taxed by his full day at school and has behaved pretty badly at home. I'm not really addressing it right now. He's getting some extra patience this week, but he better snap out of it soon!

Also Logan is choosing to learn the hard way that he must fulfill his basic responsibilities before he can enjoy the privileges of family life. So far he's destroyed 1 bike helmet, lost 1 backpack and 1 pair of shoes, and properly completed his homework 0 times. His general MO is to earn all possible negative consequences, railing at their injustice all the while, before deciding life would be oh so much more pleasant for everyone if he just did what we told him to. Ah, the learning curve!

4. Pretty girl

We've decided it's time to move Jesse and Levi into one room and put Haley on her own (with the idea that she'll share with a foster sister soon). So this weekend we're painting the boys' room green, making Haley pretty curtains, and shuffling everyone around.

5. Seeing the light

Mark received positive feedback on his dissertation from the second of his two dissertation committee co-chairs. The one who's been ominously silent thus far. This is great news. It means no one is likely to jump up and shout, "Wait! I hate it! Change it all! Do it all over!" It means this man is liable to be a bona fide Ph.D. in a few months.


  1. I'm so glad to hear your washer is humming happily again. And that it was an "easy" fix.

    I'm so sad to have missed a pic of the butter.

    And YEAH for Mark! I hope you guys are planning a huge party to celebrate when it's official.

  2. I've been slacking on my blog-checks this summer so I have some reading to do to catch up with you. But I'm so happy for you all about Mark! It will be so nice to have that done. Almost as nice as clean laundry.