Wednesday, August 6, 2008

An object from Grandma's display cabinet

When I was about nine, my parents informed me that my cousin Allison and I would be flying to Illinois to spend a few weeks of summer vacation with my grandparents. This was very big news. I don't believe I had ever flown on an airplane, and I would be going alone. The purpose of our visit was to help my grandparents move to a new house across town. What does it say about me that I never for a moment questioned why my grandparents would need the help of two little girls?

On the airplane I sat next to a nice couple who sort of took charge of me. When the "cocktails" light illuminated, I immediately told them I was interested. "Why?" they asked, confused. "Because I love fruit cocktail," I responded intelligently.

Allison and I spent happy afternoons playing with Aunt Nancy's old barbies, tagging along with Grandma on her errands, and wearing the matching shirts she bought us. We went to Six Flags (I think) and a Renaissance fair.

But one of my sharpest memories is the day Grandma got this down off the shelf:

She tapped the pewter statue with her polished nails, which she said were made from oatmeal at the salon. "Look at the detail," she crooned. We marvelled at the little tiles on the floor, the ruffles of the lady's skirt, the tiny straws in the glasses. "Look at the detail," we responded.
P.S. I showed Grandma this post, just for fun, and next thing I knew she was writing my name with a Sharpie on the bottom of the figurine. So now you know how to get dibs on Grandma's stuff.


  1. I don't think I've ever taken note of that piece before. It is beautiful. What a fun memory.

  2. Oh, what a fun memory!

    I remember helping sell Grandma's tupperware at a garage sale they had when I was about the same age. I got to keep the proceeds! I was so excited. (I think I got about $2).