Saturday, September 6, 2008

Birthday Giveaway

In 200 posts and 365 days of blogging, here are my words:

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No big events or changes have marked this year, but it's been a bit of a slog. It's been a blessed rare hour when Mark is home and I've been working double time to get my business off the ground. Through it all, blogging has given me a therapeutic sense of connection and voice.

Since my sister Nancy was the inspiration for my blog, the birthday present comes from her too. Leave a comment on this post and I'll enter you in a drawing to win something from her ChicMade etsy shop. Mention a memorable or favorite post from pressed down and shaken together, and I'll enter you twice. Contest ends Friday at midnight.


  1. Thanks for having a birthday giveaway! This is fun.

    I read your post about The Green Cardigan and it was absolute so sweet! You know what I really loved? It's that after I read it your hubby posted the very first comment and said "here's to the next fifteen billion years." It was so touching. I'm happy for you two!

  2. Don't enter me in your drawing, obviously, but I wanted to say congrats on a year of good journaling and therapying.

  3. My favorite was your description of just how Jesse violated the Jenny Lind crib.

    Love your blog-its good material and you are a terrific narrator!

  4. I am new here and want to wish Happy Birthday! My birthday i this month too! Just gotta love September!

  5. What a cool word thing. You will have to show me how to do it. I love this blog! It inspired me to do my own you know--just as it inspires me to do a lot of things. I don't know if I could pick a favorite entry they are all great, but I really love reading "notes from the underworld" (I think that's what you call it)

  6. I'm in!! Have to say I'm lovin' the adoption story so far.

  7. I know I'm too late to be part of the give away, but still wanted to say Happy Blogoversary!

  8. I really like the results of this wordcloud.