Thursday, September 4, 2008

New Chapters


Isn't yet as tall as his mom but can now beat her in arm wrestling. So I pointed out that now he must obey me because he loves me, not because he's stronger than I am.


Now has a teacher and a mother who are fully in cahoots. The lies of "She didn't pass out the spelling list" and "I don't have any homework" or "I lost my planner" have become a lot more difficult to pull off. This is a big improvement over last year, when Logan succeded in persuading his teacher that he was incapable of basic school performance.


Rides to school with "The Group," a pack of neighborhood kids who work their way from one house to another collecting all their buddies, then ride to school together. This is a big deal for Levi, who has heard tales of The Group's adventures for three years now.


Finally has started school like the boys. She is now in the 4-year-old class of the same preschool she attended last year. But this year she goes three days a week. Heavy stuff.


Insists that everyone sit in the car patiently while he works to buckle his seatbelt himself. Minutes tick by. "Me buckle!" he shouts to anyone who tries to hurry things along. Can be persuaded to get dressed only if allowed to choose his own clothes. The power surge of choice is so intoxicating that he often chooses one shirt after another, "This one!" [switch] "This one!" [switch] "This one!"

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  1. Oh man! I wish I could convince Asher to buckle his own seatbelt! I'd be content with Asher climbing into his own seat! Instead it's a battle where he gets into the van and scoots to the back seat and then sits there obstinantly until I drag him to the front and try to convince him how much fun it would be for him to climb into his seat on his own then I lift him into his seat after I loose and buckle him in. So at least THAT's not what you're doing in that time when you're waiting for Jesse to buckle himself.