Saturday, September 27, 2008


Mom: We're not going to talk about it now because right now you're mad and argumentative. Logan: NO I'M NOT!

Levi (telling me about his vision test at school, where the kids have to cover one eye and then show which direction the E is pointing): I covered one eye, and I got them ALL right! And then since I'm in first grade, I had to cover both eyes. And then I only got half of them right.

Roscoe: "Mom, I'm so excited! Now I worship the Norse gods..."
(At which point I'm so flustered that by the time I realize he's talking about his computer game I'm hopelessly lost in his tale of new weapons, creatures, and attack strategies.)

Haley: "Thanks for dinner, Mom."
(Haley really never says anything offbeat or ridiculous. But almost every night she spontaneously and sincerely thanks me for making dinner. What a gem!)

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