Thursday, October 2, 2008

Cold Turkey

So the aforementioned dentist said--while Jesse was perfectly motionless watching the TV screen mounted on the ceiling --that Jesse's binkie was ruining his teeth. They are a mess, but I'm afraid his genetics (big teeth, little mouth, narrow smile) are the culprit. Nevertheless, the binkie is now gone. Just like that.

I'd been thinking of having a big Throw-Away-the-Binkie party like we did for Logan's third birthday (yes, I know--third!) when we all trooped out to the garage and cast the binkie into the big black trash can and applauded--sort of like Frodo and the Ring. But what actually happened was that I just disappeared the binkies. And Jesse hasn't really minded.
Nor has he napped.
Last night I had a close scrape. As I walked Jesse upstairs to bed, he demanded, "I want my binkie!" Thinking fast, I started to laugh like that was the most funny thing I had ever heard, like Jesse was the world's cleverest boy for saying it. "Binkie! There are no binkies! You silly guy!" (Read that in overwrought mommy-speak.) Jesse bought the ruse and laughed along with me. He giggled, "Binkie!" and I shrieked, "There's no binkie!"
Phew-- close one!


  1. You're a brave woman. Good, fast thinking on the laughing it off!

  2. Good Work! Those things are so painful! I am trying to get zach off a bottle right now but it is so hard taking something away that brings them so much happiness. :(

  3. We just went cold turkey this week too! And Leah is almost three, so I'm impressed you've been able to do it earlier.

    Way to go!