Monday, October 27, 2008


One early morning I lay in a hospital bed while nurses and doctors whirled in and out trying to figure out if my baby was being born prematurely or if labor could stop. When it became clear normal life wouldn't be resuming for a while, I said to Mark, "It's time to deploy our moms." A few phone calls later, parents across the country were cancelling appointments and booking flights. By the time Jesse was a month old, our four parents had each come to nurture the kids and run the show.
In the last year, Mark's parents--of their own volition!--have deployed several times to support our family while Mark writes his dissertation. They've cancelled their lives for a week at a time to come support ours.

Skip has done a year's worth of combat against the damage five kids can do. Fixing--again, and again--broken dresser drawers and places where they've slammed doorknobs through the walls. Brenda has read dozens of stories and cooked dozens of meals. By doing Mark's chores and giving me a break from mine, they've really helped this year go a lot more smoothly.

This morning they left from what should be their last visit of this sort. But not before Brenda cooked us a full-on Thanksgiving dinner, complete with pie.

When I headed upstairs to bed last night, Skip was heading into the kitchen with a wrench to fix the kitchen faucet.


  1. Your kids have some amazing grandparents. But you already knew that.

  2. Super-Grandparents to the rescue! How great of them to do that.