Friday, October 17, 2008

Long-distance Romance

The Overture

Once last week I was feeling lonely. So I dispatched to my husband at work an email containing a link to this:

Lo and behold, at the unheard-of early hour of 9:00, in walked my husband. I share with you, dear reader, this powerful information. Use it with care.

The Interlude

Today I'm in Dallas on a business trip and visiting family. Last night when I opened my suitcase, I found a CD with Mark's handwriting: "Angel, play this CD to find out what the truth is."

All night I wondered about his truth: I have a brain tumor. I'm having a sex change. There's no dissertation--I have a second family.

In the morning when I played the CD I heard this beautiful song from Coldplay: "the truth is I miss you."


  1. Well, thank goodness he doesn't have a second family! And no wonder he came right home. That's quite an invitation! ...I'll have to remember that for next time Richard decides to stay late at work.

  2. Hahahahaha. Love this post. Also love that singer—Norah something or other?

  3. I kind of feel guilty for reading something so personal but at the same time my heart melted! I love this! How great - 5 kids later the flame is still alive and well! :) Hope your trip was successful!