Friday, October 24, 2008

Notes from the Underworld: When the masses organize

A new installment in the ongoing series documenting the counterculture and insurgencies effected by my children. In this edition, we see that their countermeasures--though barbaric and anarchistic--are, in fact, organized systems. What will happen when the organized and ever more sophisticated natives come to realize that they far outnumber us, when they begin to see their benevolent dictators as oppressors?

1. Labeling

Here the savages appropriate one of my favorite organizational strategies for their own unsavory exploits. The microwave is labeled "Lake of Tears." I find this somehow appropriate.

2. Anger management

I complimented Haley on this tidy row of happy faces. "Oh, no," she said. "These are angry faces. This one is Daddy, and this one is Mommy, and this one is Roscoe...."

3. Happy little people

Each of my boys has gone through a phase of organizing Fisher-Price Little People and animals into neat little rows. One day, I found this evidence that Jesse has joined the ranks.

4. A void

These are the containers that used to hold chocolate chip cookies, still stacked in their place.

5. An alternate organizational strategy

It appears this stale crust of pb&j was carefully placed here in the domino box. Somewhere, kids are probably sighing in exasperation that Mom removed their snack from its place. "Why must she mess everything up?"

6. Native dances


  1. Darlin'

    Thank you for teaching my children to rock.

  2. Those children are obviously experienced rockers. They could all seriously hold their own in a mosh pit. Jesse with his swinging arms, Haley with her kicking and Levi with pure dirty looks.

    Naomi is very into drawing angry faces too. She makes up great stories about why they are sad..."this ballerina is happy because she's a ballerina, but this one is sad because she doesn't know how yet."

    Isn't Roscoe already "ever more sophisticated" and "realiz[ing] that they far outnumber us, when they begin to see their benevolent dictators as oppressors?"