Thursday, October 9, 2008

Since you asked...

Since you asked, this is what our new couch looked like when it arrived. Each box is one section, and you buy whatever configuration you want and choose the fabric covers. (Notice Buzz Lightyear circling overhead, assessing the terrain.)

This what it looks like now. The corduroy covers are removable and washable. Now I can use the fabric color to determine the perfect paint color for the walls. (Notice Buzz has become quite comfortable with our new couch. Woody apparently couldn't manage the climb.)

No, Jesse hasn't resumed napping since I took his binkie away. This is what he does instead:

What am I going to do? Are naps really and truly over? Because that would be very bad news.


  1. Looks great, Ang! I know you're tired of the red wall - but it looks good with the tan. Something equally striking needs to go there for sure.

    Does Jesse need more good entertainment in his room? Some new toy that is reserved for naptime only? Specific rules about furniture and a reward for good days? Don't give up on naps yet! I'd loose hope!

  2. Rules? Specifics? Rewards? For Jesse? ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  3. The loss of naptime is something to lament, but your beautiful new couch is not.

  4. The day the naps die is way worse than the day the music died.

    Awesome couch and red wall.

  5. very nice new couch.

    I hate trying to put those kinds of things together!

  6. Naps go sooner or later. At our house that's when Blues Clues comes in. The child still has a lie down, I still get other work done, and everyone's happy. And no, I don't spend time worrying about how much TV is too much. And it really may not work unless it's Blue's Clues.