Sunday, November 2, 2008

Angela steps away from the edge, in Three Acts

Act I: Despair

Me [under my breath]: I really might die before this dissertation is done.


Roscoe: You might...but it's not highly probable.

[Not one to tempt fate, Roscoe begins clearing the lunch dishes and picking bits of Halloween candy wrappers off the floor.]

Act II: Mercy

Later that night, after plowing through two chapters of Mark's dissertation, supervising kids, attempting to impose some order on the house, and finally, discovering that the new vacuum cleaner is broken, I say to myself, "I just can't do it all!" I cannot remember the last time Mark joined us for dinner, this place is a pig sty, the kids are getting no attention.

That moment, the phone rings. It's my lovely sister-in-law Kate asking if she can come over tomorrow to play with the kids while I work. Uh, sure. Oh, and can she bring along our dinner? Uh, yes.

After I hang up the phone, I burst into sobs. I collect myself for a moment to say to Jesse, watching from the tub (where, since he refuses to go to sleep, he sits soaking off the day's chocolate slime), "Silly Mommy!" But then the sobs continue for a while. I'm trying and trying to help Mark and kids, and now someone will help me.

Act III: Denouement

Today someone in fast and testimony meeting mentioned Sister Dalton's General Conference talk about "In the strength of the Lord, I can do all things." I believe that. But in this case, the "strength" the Lord offered me came from someone extending help. "All things," yes--but not all by myself.


  1. Oh! What a great post! Thanks for this Sunday pick-me-up!

  2. Hi, you are my Bloggy Giveaway winner for a new blog header. I didn't get your email address, please contact me. Thanks, Carrie.

  3. I'm so glad somebody is there to help you out! Happy working and happy almost-relaxing-because-a-little-of-your-load-is-lightened. Enjoy!