Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Qshurst-McGee Exit Poll

Obama: 4

McCain: 3

"I be nice my 'bama!"


  1. Adorable. That video will either mean nothing at all to anyone but historians some day, or make total sense. I guess the only question left is which of those 7 votes were from the actual voters. But I'm impressed that all your kids know what's going on well enough to have an opinion. Good work.

  2. My grandson is a little older than yours, but loves to say Obama as well. If only we could have babies vote!

  3. That just delighted me! I watched it over and over again!

  4. I loved this, this little guy is so cute, and well groomed, and well spoken - or at least I can tell he will be someday.

  5. Oh Jesse, I be nice my bama, too.

    In sacrament meeting today Maia kept me busy writing "Go Obama" on all her little drawings. Trickle-down enthusiasm?