Friday, November 7, 2008


Balloon Head
I have a cold that has turned me into a ridiculous cartoon character, snizzling and sneezing and whining.

Tonight the pumpkin turns back into a mouse, or whatever. Mark did another round of harried revisions on his dissertation--doing things like going to work on Tuesday and coming home for a two-hour nap on Wednesday--and is sending it in to his committee this afternoon. So tonight is the end of the cheerful, supportive, long-suffering wife who never complains (to her husband) about his absences. Return the demanding wife! Wha-ha ha ha!

Back on Track
Today is Logan and Levi's last day "off track." Monday they'll go back to school after a three-and-a-half week break. The first week off track, they're grumpy and bored and lounge around tormenting each other. And I'm not real thrilled about their presence either. But then they learn it's more fun to play with your siblings than fight with them, and then follow weeks of jumping in leaf piles, devising new games on the tramp, and board games. So now the prospect of early mornings and homework sounds like too much of a hassle to me.

Bedtime Lovin'
For the last three nights, I've asked Roscoe or Logan to put the three little kids to bed. (Chalk it up to the oncoming cold.) I know of nothing better than listening to one of your children nurture another. Last night Roscoe told me that for his bedtime story Jesse had chosen the assembly instruction manual for his dresser. (Why is that still floating around?) And Roscoe was delighted that it was so boring that Jesse promptly fell asleep. The night before, I heard Logan singing hymns and Primary songs to Jesse until they both dozed off together. And Levi and Haley have been treated to some very dramatic and enthusiastic story-reading. I'm so grateful my big boys a.) know how to take care of little kids and b.) understand why it's fun to do so. Makes me think again that we'll really need a new baby when Logan's a teenager...

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  1. So sorry yoyu haven't been feeling well. I hate that Balloon head thing.

    And your boys are so sweet. I can only imagine how that must melt a mother's heart to hear those sweet sounds of your children helping each other. I'm thrilled when Naomi can help Isaiah down from his high-chair - I can't imagine her putting him to bed! (Actually I'm going to spend a lot of time imagining that now...and smiling.)