Friday, November 28, 2008


Wait--did I never tell you? It's done. 100%. Complete. Not another bit of writing or revising or signatures or copies or red tape or hoops of any kind. Mark has completed every iota of work to earn a Ph.D. in history. There's nothing more to be done. He'll be driving home with us on Sunday heretofore to act as our father, friend, and partner.


  1. Angela, that is wonderful!
    Have a wonderful holiday season. I am sure that won't be much of a problem though with all this now finished.
    *Jessica's sister

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Now it's party time! Way to go Mark! (and Angela and the other little helpers..)

  3. Hooray! When I announced to the room that Mark was all done, Asher threw his arms up in the air and said "Wo-who!" and Isaiah clapped. So you're getting quite a cheer from our house!

  4. Yahoo!!!! Good work to all. What a journey!