Saturday, November 22, 2008

How was the Coldplay show?

More than I can do justice to.

Brilliant--in the UK usage and ours. Intense. Energetic. Playful. Less reverent or somber than I expected. Huge. I love the way a good show picks you up and carries you along--the music even takes over your heartbeats.

Chris Martin has a tightly wound core and limbs attached with rubber bands. Gravity pulls less on him than it does on we mortals. He clearly is energized, not at all drained, by the task of entertaining thousands. He wrapped us around his finger and pulled us all together to one heart, one mind, and one voice.

After the last song, the band waved to and applauded the audience. Then they played the first encore on a little platform perched across a few seats in the first balcony. The second encore was huge and bright and loud. The third was like a hymn. (Did you know that these days you wave your illuminated cell phone instead of a lighter? Brilliant!)

Watch for pics from my friend and concert-partner Emily, who looked fantastic and not at all housewifey in the funky black skirt she bought just for the occasion.


  1. "the music even takes over your heartbeats."

    is exactly how I described it to Rob. Wow! Thanks again for the invite, getting the tix, being a wonderful conversationalist, and enjoying this incredible concert with me!

    I'll put up pictures tomorrow!

  2. I'm so glad you had a good night out! Sounds like the best kind of concert. You're so COOL, Ang.