Saturday, November 15, 2008

Our Favorite Saturday of the Year

Today is the day Boondocks, a local family fun place, opens its doors to foster families. For free. We got delicious chili from Wendy's (you know how Dave Thomas was an adoption advocate?), doughnuts, chocolate milk, and arcade tokens. We played a round of mini-golf and Roscoe got a hole-in-one that caused a giant lizard to belch flames. Various subsets of us did go-karts, laser tag, and bumper boats. We kept telling the kids things like, "Whatever you want" and "Sure."

We never do this kind of thing. Partly because it's expensive. Also because it's not our style. I mean, you trade your money for tokens to play games, the games give you tickets, you count the tickets and trade them for cheap toys--Las Vegas has nothin' on these places for sneaky ways to make you forget you're spending money (except this time we weren't spending money).

But this Saturday is also a chance for us to hang with a mob of other foster families. It was the odd family who didn't have someone of a different color or with some disability. We saw a little boy who clearly had some kind of hydrocephaly throwing a knock-down-drag-out tantrum. His dad cheerfully chased him around and redirected him to a lawn area where he could thrash to his heart's content. And no one batted an eyelash. We saw lots of patience, wisdom, humor, and love dished out to children who have seen some of the worst the human family has to offer.

P.S. 15 posts in 15 days--on track for NaBloPoMo.

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  1. That sounds so cool! What a great thing to be able to do and a great thing to be able to show your children. And fun to boot!