Wednesday, November 12, 2008

School Routine Update

At the beginning of the school year, I told you about all the new systems I was implementing. Now that Levi and Logan have finished their first 8-week session off track, enjoyed 3 weeks off track, and now started their second round of school, here's an update on our goals and systems:

1. Homework time

Doing homework right after school has been challenging for Levi. Starting first grade was stressful for him. He loved it, but he came home depleted. Plus, he has too much homework. The daily routine takes him 15-20 minutes, which in my opinion is too much for a little first grader who just spent 7 hours at school. So for now we've decided to let him take a break and detox after school, then return to his homework after dinner.

Forcing Logan to do homework right after school has been great for him. If he forgets his planner or his supplies, he's grounded for that day. This created many, many fits at the beginning of the year. But it helped him learn the simple rule that homework must be done and that it's easier to do it right than to try and avoid it. (Although he chooses to re-learn this principle through negative consequences every so often.)

He also must scan and copy any worksheet before he begins work on it. This way he can re-do the worksheet if he does a sloppy job the first time. He ended up doing a certain book report 5 times over. But again, message received. (To be repeated later, no doubt.)

However, Logan has been leaving homework at school and then telling me he has none. So the amended rule for him is that he does at least 15 minutes of homework every day. If he brings nothing home, I'll give him some homework of my own devising. This way, he'll learn he might as well work on that report a bit each day rather than leaving it all til the last night.

2. Mom's scripture study time

This has been wonderful. My 2:45 idea was ingenious. I've even set my computer's virus scan to run at 2:35, which bogs everything down and kicks me off the computer. I usually listen to a conference talk online while I fix myself a snack, then go upstairs to read the Book of Mormon. It's such a blessing to have a quiet moment to feel the Holy Ghost and center myself before launching into the rush of the evening.

I'm sure all this bores you to tears, but it shows the real work of motherhood. The real core of motherhood isn't the laundry and chauffering and cooking. It's the constant work and pondering to figure out what next step each child needs to take, and then devising little strategies that will lead them where they need to go.


  1. It's not boring at all to me. It's ... prophetic maybe? Foreshadowing of my own life? Something like that. Your scripture study time sounds genius.
    Just last night as I interrupted something random to tell Richard about how we need to clean Naomi's bedroom so we can move the bed back up there so we can move the couch to the basement so he can play Wii down there on Thanksgiving with his brother it occurred to me that this is just not a normal though-process for Richard. But it is a normal thought process for a me as a Mom. We gotta be on our toes! Thinking ahead!

  2. I'm with Nancy. It's not boring but inspiring! Raising five kids can be done! without losing your mind!

  3. I've tutored students who had to have an arrangement with teachers to sign their planner each day. If there was truly no homework, there was a signature next to the blank square. Probably not necessary for Logan, but maybe an idea for the future when homework gets thicker.

    Thanks for sharing these things. More blogs should be like this!