Thursday, November 27, 2008

We are thankful for cousins!

kids peel potatoes

markus cuts the turkey

levi and soulmate cousin sammy get excited about dinner

shanna's eight-layer jello

jesse has a dog and a dinosaur on his thanksgiving plate

jessie and annie play

cousins lounge

mark the ph.d. spends a moment--just a short one!--in the 1830s

we enjoy arizona weather at the park



  1. Looks like a grand time was had by all! That little blondie in the first photo sure is a cutie.

    When do you get final word on how Mark did?

  2. We are thankful for cousins too! Thanks for coming to visit. We had lots of fun with you and your family. The kids woke up this morning missing you all. Annie sat down at the table for breakfast and looked at all the empty chairs with a very sad face. Please come again. Love, Shanna

  3. What a fun Thanksgiving!! I guess it's only fair that Shanna & Markus get you guys sometimes.