Sunday, December 7, 2008

Advent Sunday Readings

So this weekend it was nice to have Mark around--but today it was essential. Jesse did a sleep strike last night and was up at least a dozen times. So today he was a disaster. An exhausted disaster who refused to take a nap. The kids were all hyper about our plans to decorate the Christmas tree tonight. So while I'm doing things like trying to make a delicious dinner and brew wassail and make cookies they're barraging me with, "So, Mom, can you tell me what time we're decorating the tree?"

At one point we finally decided to wrestle screaming Jesse down for an early bedtime. I'm trying to guide Logan through the process of rolling Russian teacakes in powdered sugar, which he is threatening to turn into a sugar blizzard. Levi chooses this moment to blow chunks across the upstairs hallway. If I had been on my own, things wouldn't have been pretty.

As it was, I ignored the puke situation and finished the cookies. Then while Mark scrubbed the carpet, I hog-tied Jesse, got him into jammies, and stuck a washcloth in his bedroom door so he couldn't escape. Then the kids and I (or at least the kids who were neither puking nor screaming) decorated the tree while Mark cleaned the kitchen.

In no time, we sat at a clean table to enjoy wassail and cookies in the light of our pretty tree. And there was enough peace remaining to do our first Sunday's Advent Reading.

I got this list from someone in one of our old wards and we've done it ever since. Keeping Christ in Christmas doesn't have to mean scrimping on the fun stuff like cookies and presents and jingle bells; it just means making sure to talk and think about Christ more often. These are beautiful, short little doses of Christ you can snuggle up and enjoy under the tree each Sunday (or Monday) in December:

Advent Readings

First Advent Sunday
John 1:1-5, 12-14
Isaiah 7:14; 9:6-7

Second Advent Sunday
1 Nephi 10:4; 11:13-21; 19:8
2 Nephi 25:19
Alma 7:10

Third Advent Sunday
Helaman 13:4-5; 14:1-6

Fourth Advent Sunday
Luke 1:5-48, 56-64


  1. Whew. That definitely sounds like a day you'd be glad to have backup! I sometimes have a hard time on days like that because I feel like the kids ought to cut me some slack for a minute since I'm preparing something really cool for them. But for some reason the kids just don't seem to get that!

    I think we'll try your Advent reading tonight for FHE.

  2. I'm glad you had your co-captain there. My kids had the flu last night and this morning and it involved interrupted sleep as well, so I congratulate you on keeping things together so well. Perhaps a medal is in order?

  3. Sorry to hear about all the no-fun things of the season. But thanks for sharing the scriptures!