Friday, December 19, 2008

Anniversary Morning

Today is my 16th wedding anniversary, and I woke up to Roscoe standing over my bed asking me to print a school assignment for him. (His computer isn't connected to a printer.) While I watched his document print, I heard a crash from upstairs. Jesse had thrown his juice to the floor, scattering glass and ice everywhere. Also his bowl of cereal. The he wanted to eat the ice--never mind that half of it was really glass--while Roscoe had a little stress meltdown over homework issues and lost shoes.

Meanwhile I noticed that Mark had replaced my Christmas CD in the kitchen CD player with one of his own making. When finally Roscoe was out the door and the floor was sticky but safe, I sat down in a kitchen chair to listen to long list of songs Mark feels reflect our relationship.

Gray wind scraped the frozen fingers of our willow tree against the kitchen window. Squeals and wails occasionally wafted downstairs. Various people hollered, "Mooomm!" I certainly wasn't personifying Mark's childhood dreams of the ideal wife as I sat in that sticky kitchen in my XXL polka-dot pajamas. But I floated on the island of Mark's love while everything else washed past, insignificant.

There are many things to love about Mark. Many reasons that I love him. But our love is so much more than the sum of its parts. It just is, beyond any why. As Mark says, "I love you because I met you."


  1. Awwww. What a sweet sentiment - "I love you bc I met you". And what a great way to show your love for someone - a mixed tape! (Or CD as the case may be) Congratulations on 16 happy years! I bet the next 16 will be even more exciting.

  2. sweet...Actually, I think you meet just about every one of those "perfect wife" requirements Mark had. You and Mark complete each other so well. Our 17th anniversary is tomorrow. Crazy how time flies. Weren't we just living in that tiny basement apartment?