Thursday, December 11, 2008

Another stab at redemption

Remember when Jesse desecrated his crib? And remember when Jesse violated the wool rug with sticks of margarine, and in the end Mom, Jesse, and the rug all found redemption? This is a story like that.

I knew Jesse wasn't napping yesterday. I knew he'd trash his room. But I wanted to clean the basement bathroom (I know, dream big) and there's no good way to do that unless Jesse is contained. So when I came upstairs to set him free, I expected a modicum of mess.

What I found was a boy who had taken it upon himself to do something about his stinky diaper. He couldn't remove the diaper (wearing a onesie!), so he helped himself to wet wipes and dabbed them inside the diaper, removing and smearing clumps.... That's all you need to know: removing and smearing.

You can imagine my response. No, not screaming. But an immediate big, bubbly bath for Jess. A wide open window. Liberal use of the carpet cleaner and Lysol. At length, that bedroom carpet was cleaner than it has ever been--and free from 99.9% of household germs. Soon I plopped down on the couch for a breather--tired, perhaps somewhat emotionally scarred, but the proud owner of a very clean room.

So seriously, is this not like the gospel? Tribulation besets us--either because of our own sins, mistakes and immaturity or simply because of our mortal condition. And it sucks. But we gird up and rise to the challenge and grab that shampoo and laundry soap. We clean house, figuratively; we work to achieve a pure heart and clean hands. And then, at some point, we look back and see the progress we've made. How now we're better. And though we would never, ever, have chosen this experience, we realize that we needed it, that without it we wouldn't have done the requisite work and purification.

So maybe Jesse-the-Hellion is a blessing sent from the gods of housekeeping?


  1. Oh wow. What did those mothers do before such things as wipes and Clorox. Or even better, Clorax wipes.

    I felt for you tonight as I cleaned up just a miniscule amount of the spill from Scott's diaper. I think whatever Rob has now has passed on to him. I was nervous this would happen, yet I am hoping though that we can still nip it in the bud before Saturday, but if not, you'll know that there are some sad but sick Jensens missing Mark's shindig.

  2. Sounds like so much fun! But look how amazing you are turning it into a lesson for yourself. It helps that he's so darn cute doesn't it?