Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas in Earnest

Christmas has begun in earnest. This morning I did my annual grocery shopping trip in which I implore myself to splurge and get treats. We now have shrimp and cookies and sausage and strawberries and all sorts of nonessentials. And I've begun the pre-launch cooking countdown by baking our Christmas pogacha. I spent the afternoon offering treats to the children. Grandparents arrived from out of town this afternoon. Tonight Mark and I are doing the final gift review to ensure each child is getting an equivalent haul. Merry Christmas!


  1. I had to run out tonight after evaluating the gift equality. I still think we shorted someone but fortunately it was a younger kid who won't notice.

  2. Isn't tonight a little late for that evaluation? What on earth are you going to do about it if you're short? Or wait...was this written on Christmas Eve Eve? OK, then you're good. Nice work.

  3. Some things, like a book or movie, can just be shuffled to a different kid to keep equality.

    Jesse is totally getting shafted. He's getting a set of bed sheets and a $5 Batman car. And he's going to be totally thrilled.