Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Conflict Escalation

Growing Hostility
I have a habit of making little piles of shoes in the corners of my bedroom like drifted leaves. Apparently, now that my husband lives here, this bothers him. He mentioned it a few times and I ignored him.

Then one day when he left for work, I realized that next to each pile of my shoes was a pair of his shoes.

"Silly man," I thought. "Two can play this game."

When Mark came home from work, every pair of shoes I own was scattered across the room. A pair sat on the mat in front of the bathroom sink; another on the mat in front of the toilet. Two pairs in front of the couch where he sits to take off his shoes after work. A couple outside the bedroom door for good measure.

Frankly, it was a pain to maneuver around them all day. But my only real regret was that I would be on chauffeur duty when Mark arrived home and miss his response.

When I arrived home, the entire kitchen and hallway were covered in shoes. Poor Mark, who for nearly two decades has worn only Chuck Taylors and leather brogues, had to even dig out a strange pair of rubber temple overshoes that hasn't seen the light of day...ever. Levi was thrilled that his usual habit of flinging his own shoes on the floor was now contributing to a grander plan.

After dinner I went to Enrichment, and when I returned, every pair of Mark's shoes was put away. And every pair of mine was not.

And there they still sit.

Mark comes home in 5 hours. I wonder what I'll do.


Since it is his birthday, and since he almost never commands me to "stand down," and since I'm madly in love with him, the shoes are all neatly put away--in the super cool built-in shoe organizer in my closet.


  1. ROFL Goodness! I had no idea you two had such a passive agressive relationship. Or such a teasing relationship. Either way...take the high road now Ang. You've spent enough time on the low road. In fact, take it a "step" further and go leave love notes in all his shoes.
    (Then go buy yourself a shoe tree or basket)

  2. Nanc, please let's go with "teasing"--not passive aggressive. :)

  3. Blessed are the pacemakers—For they shall inherit the shoes…

  4. I love this post. It reminds me of the "Rules of Negotiation" in Princess Academy. You are very good to concede. We have similar issues with socks and cups in our house. (He leaves socks everywhere, I leave cups.)