Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Day of Sickness and Snow

So yesterday while I was doing things like frosting pink birthday cupcakes for Haley and tying ribbons in her hair so she would look like a present, I was also dealing with this:

Our night had been punctuated--repeatedly--by little visitors come to inform us of various explosions from various ends. And in the morning, we had these three toasted oats. I walked by and said, "Which of you boys has a fever?" And Levi said morosely, "We all do."

Then they got to feeling better and so they were whiney and bored and did things like intercept a package delivery and open it and distribute its contents. Which led their mother to pronounce, "You're doing all the right things for boys who don't want any Christmas presents!"
Meanwhile, snow fell softly outside.

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  1. Well, Naomi would call that a good day just because of the snow. Nearly every day she asks me "When is it going to snow *a lot*?" in the whiniest voice ever. As if I control these things!

    Poor sick boys. I hope they feel better soon (for the sake of your cleaning supplies stock if nothing else!).