Saturday, December 6, 2008

Our Friday

Yesterday was a great day. First, our favorite fix-it guy showed up and fixed the washer. Just in the nick of time, since the kids had all whined that they had no clean clothes that morning. Haley, Jesse, and I did a dance of joy in the kitchen.

Then I ended up with 45 minutes--after Haley was at preschool, Jesse was at a friend's, but before the Primary presidency meeting--when no one but me was home. I grabbed the chance to paint the stairway walls, which were all smudged and ugly. Really, I do can a lot when no one's here.

Then Mark came home at around 2:00. Church employees were all sent home during Elder Wirthlin's funeral. So he got a head-start on our weekend to-do list--which is long since we haven't worked together on any list for weeks and weeks. He worked on tucking in the yard for the winter while I did a solo trip to Target for all sorts of birthday and Christmas goodies. I made two big online orders last week, and now I'm done with everything for Christmas and Haley and Logan's birthdays.

When I got home, Mark and I loaded up for a dinner out to our favorite Indian place. Who knows when was the last time we had a date? On our way home, we picked up a little but pretty and good-smelling Christmas tree, which we set up in the front room while the kids finished their Friday night movie. Once we finally wrestled the kids to bed, we split a Twix bar and watched a Jazz game.

You know, I can cope without Mark. But it is so much nicer to have him around!

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  1. Oh I love those days! A great day but not great because you got a break - just a break from the norm.