Monday, December 1, 2008

What I learned from NaBloPoMo

I did it--a post for every day of November. And frankly I'm sick of myself. And yet what I learned is that I have plenty to say. There's what happened that day, and then there's what I was thinking about during that day.

Things that didn't get blogged about:

~ The coming out party for the long-awaited first volume of the Joseph Smith Papers, of which Mark is a volume editor. People such as Elder Holland, Elder Jensen, Elder Coleman, Larry Miller, and Sheri Dew were there to pat backs. Mark sat at a table and signed people's copies.

~ Levi saying, "I can't wait for Christmas. You wanna know why? Egg nog. We're not gonna drink water! Just egg nog."

~ How Mark was out of town for a week and how during that time the kids didn't sleep. This always happens. It's the same evil curse that makes them wake up especially early on Saturdays.

~ The first snow.

~ Most of the 200 pictures I took this month.

~ How said Joseph Smith Papers volume sold out its first printing in ten days.

Isn't there some quote about how the contemplated life is the only life worth living? Well, blogging is teaching me that the life contemplated, then shared, is even a bit better.


  1. I certainly never got tired of you. It was nice to not be the one blogging the most.

  2. I loved knowing there would be at least one new blog entry to read each day when I got on. Way to go!