Sunday, January 25, 2009

Allāhu Akbar, or a Strange Route to a Sabbath Testimony

I'm cleaning up from our Sunday supper pancakes and listening to Mark and one of his colleagues being interviewed about the Joseph Smith Papers on a local radio show.

The interviewer opens the phone lines, and the first words from the first caller are, "Allaaaaaahu Akbar! Allaaaaaahu Akbar!" What the caller says next is a jumble to me, but he concludes by asking, "Do you worship Joseph Smith?"

There is an awkward pause. I can picture Mark and his friend raising their eyebrows at each other. Finally the interviewer says, "Well, he asked a question and I'm going to let you answer it."

Another pause.

Then I hear over the radio waves, "This is Mark Qshurst-McGee, and I do not worship Joseph Smith. I worship the Lord Jesus Christ."

Mark's colleague says, "Amen." They move on to the next question.


  1. Great story! Talk about standing up and having your voice heard-very impressive. Way to go Mark.

  2. Good answer and Amen. That's quite the guy you've got there, Ang.