Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Answer...ish

I made the call.

So I'm pregnant, foster-style. Meaning I'll probably have a new child within nine months, but no one knows when. Last time around, I got a phone call around noon and Haley arrived on our doorstep around 4:00. By the time Mark got home from work, she was sitting at the dinner table in the spot she still occupies.

However, we did request only a girl age 0 to 2. We've narrowed our range so much that we probably won't get a placement any time soon. And recent changes in our county's placement policies mean that we're much more likely to get short-term placements.

So don't hold your breath--and I'll try to do the same.


  1. Well, congrats-ish on being pregnant-ish. That's very exciting news. We're always glad to welcome someone into the family in whatever form they come!

  2. How exciting! May it be a short pregnancy!

  3. Well good luck! What a lucky little girl, whoever she is!