Saturday, January 31, 2009

For Nancy*

Today began like any normal Saturday around the Qshurst-McGee house. The kids woke up early to watch cartoons and play computer games while Mark and I slept in until 9:30 or so. When we got up, fresh and well rested, Roscoe had made omelets and was serving the little kids fresh-squeezed orange juice.

After Jesse finished doing the breakfast dishes, we decided we should get out and do something fun for the day. At that moment, the doorbell rang. Haley ran to open the door and found a golden envelope lying on the mat. Inside were 7 tickets to the circus. Perfect! We all ran to get dressed. When we emerged from our rooms in gowns and tuxedos, our limo had just arrived.

Turns out our limo driver was none other than the Queen of England. (Apparently everyone can use a bit of extra cash during these lean times.) Logan and Elizabeth immediately hit it off, what with all their similar interests and talents: tea pouring, crowd management, rules of etiquette, castle living. They chatted happily all the way to the circus and exchanged email addresses and the promise to twitter frequently.

We enjoyed our front-row seats, though at one point Levi did have to divert a train of charging elephants. But we were happy to help. Shortly before intermission, we noticed a flurry of activity in the wings. Jesse went over to investigate and returned to report that several key circus performers had gone missing. Apparently the clown’s staged romance with the tightrope walker had turned serious and the two eloped. The troupe of fire jugglers took off in pursuit to protect the tightrope walker’s virtue, the tiger trainer rushed to pronounce his own intentions, and well, things just snowballed from there. The backstage was empty save for confused roustabouts and a red-faced stage manager.

“No problem!” shouted Roscoe, always helpful in a pinch.

I’ve never been more proud of my children as they cheerfully rose to the challenge. Roscoe hopped into the cannon and Jesse brandished a silver sword before lighting him off. He soared across the sky and flashed the crowd a toothy smile before landing neatly in Levi’s outstretched arms as he swung across the trapeze. Just then, Haley rode in on a unicycle balancing a bear on her head. When Logan cracked his whip, 7 tigers and 3 hippos rose onto their hind legs and did Head, Shoulder, Knees, and Toes. Of course, the crowd went wild.

Before the show was over, Mark and I were surrounded by a throng of PR reps, talent scouts, and TV producers shouting offers. A modeling contract! Your own TV show! A how-to book on how-to-raise-exceptional kids! Two millions dollars just because you’re so dang cool!

Mark and I just shook our heads. “Why would we want any of that” we asked the enraptured crowd, “when we already have the key to happiness?”

“What is it?” they pleaded. “Oh, please tell us!”

Mark and I smiled and opened the limo door. Cameras flashed like lightning upon the 5 children inside, contentedly munching on Happy Meals.

Thanks, Elizabeth!

* In response to this post.


  1. Bravo! Hoorah! Three thumbs way up! The perfect Saturday Blog Post! Most entertaining of the year!

    Thanks, Ang. I needed a good smile! And tell Haley that Naomi is dying to learn how to ride a unicycle from her.

  2. I've re-read this throughout the day and smiled each time. Thanks for the happy thoughts. What a sweet present.

  3. After I stopped laughing, I found tears in my eyes as I thought of how much my kids love each other.

  4. Wow -- you actually had me going for a few sentences! This was better than Water for Chocolates (which I loved!)

  5. Oops -- I meant Water for Elephants.

  6. Ang, if I had 2 million dollars, I would totally give it to you just because you're so dang cool!