Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Many objects move in and out of this house. Someday I'd like to do an official tally. Tiny Bionicle pieces are drifted like fall leaves in the corners of every room. And then there are hundreds of Legos and Imaginext and K'Nex and Heroscape. We own 4 versions of Monopoly. And 34 Magic Treehouse books. All the boardgame pieces and dice and Hotwheels and light sabers.

Some objects are loved and used over and over by successive children for years. Others are highly coveted but ultimately less successful. Like this object:
(Thanks to my model Haley, who was a cooperative if confused partner while I took photos of random objects. Here she is showing her sad face at the sad ball.)

Logan wanted it so badly! He saved his money, brought the ball home, then took it to school against Mom's orders. Unfortunately, Mom saw him with it on the playground, so it was banished. Months later, he begged for it back and I relented. He took it down in his room and somehow popped himself in the eye with one of its tentacles, which earned him a late-night visit to the ER, where the doctor did something to his eye that left it hugely dilated for 2 whole days and made him pretty discombobulated. Cursed ball.

I carefully managed and scaled down our Christmas list this year. But still, a few things times 5 kids still equals a lot of stuff. Of all we scored this year, here are the stand-outs.

1. Blink
This clever game in this tiny tin is a hit from Aunt Ruthie. It's a cross between War and Uno. You lay down cards as fast as you can, matching by color, shape, or number. Big and little kids can play. In fact, Haley and Roscoe are our family's biggest fans. Each game lasts about 30 seconds.

2. Tooth Tunes

I think these are ingenious and wonderful.
Press a button and your toothbrush plays music for 2 minutes. Touch the toothbrush to your teeth, and the music vibrates in your head. Brush until the music stops. Logan's plays, "We Will Rock You." Levi's plays the Indiana Jones theme song. Jesse's plays music and gives periodic pep talks, like, "Keep brushing!" The era of the two-second teeth-brushing is officially over in this household. (Praise be!)
Update: Haley says actually her Tooth Tunes no longer plays music since Jesse flushed it down the toilet and Mark retrieved it with a snake. Mark swears it is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. Still, who votes that Haley gets a brand new one?

What were the Christmas hits and flops at your house?


  1. pesonaly I think that this is pretty pathetic that mom said that our crismas main score was blink(a fun but puny game) and toth brushes I mean I got 10 buks come one and I got "The Tails of Beetl the Bard" and "The wrath of Ezera" and a dart bord and the simarilion and all mom can say is a card game an tooth brushes

    Roscoe "angelas spawn"

  2. The tooth tunes were a total flop at our house. Naomi hates hers and refuses to use it. Today I tried to convinced her to use her other toothbrush but turn on the music on her Toothtunes as a timer- no go.

    And the Little People Garage is a hit according to the kids but a flop according to Mom since all the kids do is fight over it.

    Asher's $15 train set from Ikea is a total hit. Naomi's ballerina outfit is a hit. Isaiah's Jack-in-the-box from Grandma is a total hit. All other's get a "yeah, sure, why not".

  3. Nathan got the game Blink and loves it. By the by I am on day 5 of the 30 day shred. Pain...and more pain.

  4. I've got to try the toothbrush tunes. My kids favorite present, bar none, was Connect Four. After that, probably the rollerblades.

  5. aw what a fun post! I think I'll post something similar....although, the biggest hit Christmas morning for the 15-month-old was definitely the wrapping paper...