Thursday, January 22, 2009


Nothing much is happening around here and it's kind of freaking me out. I'm never sure quite how to operate when there's not some pressing event or challenge at hand. I'm not gearing up for anything, I'm not winding down from anything, nothing is broken, and no one is sick. I know--wa wa waaah.

So the mundane things going on are:
  • After three weeks as the Primary president I think I've finally got things organized--all 10 Sunday classes and most of the 30 staff.
  • Tonight Roscoe has karate at the same time as ward council and I'm not sure how we're going to work that out.
  • Mark had a performance review at work today and did get advanced into a higher tier but may not get an actual raise because of the economy. Figures.
  • I cleaned out behind the playroom couch, which was a much bigger job than it should have been.
  • I made zucchini bread from last summer's zucchini, which I had grated and frozen.
  • I'm working on making a Blurb book out of my 2008 blog.
  • Mark is addicted to Burn Notice, which we watch on hulu or order from Blockbuster.
  • Last night we had dinner with Mark's colleagues at the home of Salt Lake's most famous millionaire.
  • The Joseph Smith Papers is vastly exceeding all expectations for sales.
  • We have major honesty issues with certain members of the family.
  • We have major hygiene issues with certain members of the family.
  • A certain member of the family believes that "I think that's a bad idea" is a highly offensive comment.


  1. I got so distracted by Burn Notice that I forgot to say that I am having exactly the same problem - nothing to stress about! Blah, blah, blah. Nothing. So I decided I need to start obsessing about weight loss again. Maybe I can loose another 10 pounds before I get preggers. (That way I can gain it all back with choc chip cookies!)

  2. Some of thoae things don't sound so mundane.....

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  4. have you had any problems slurping from blogger? It worked fine last week, but for some reason it's not working today

  5. By "exceeding expectations" how many copies are we talking? Is that private info?

    Never seen Burn Notice but I will have to check it out once I catch up on the Office.