Thursday, January 15, 2009


Progress! I know where they were a month or two ago, and I see where they are now and it's pretty nifty.

He's fulfilling his basic responsibilities with much less drama and resistance. Sometimes these days I say something to Logan and a crystalline drop of silence follows, and I realize, "He didn't argue with me."

A few months ago, coaching Levi to sound out three-letter words was torturous. I'd teach a bit and he'd internalize some and lose more. These days, each time I sit to read with him I see he has bounded ahead and knows things he has never been taught at all. His little brain is pulling all the pieces together and reading skill is flowing like water, "distilling upon his soul as the dews from heaven."

It's not just that he knows more words, it's that he knows how to use them. He says things like "Let me do it!" "Don't push me!" "I'm sad!" "I want the door open!" He can express himself, and in reverse, he can be reasoned with a bit. I feel strongly that the way to teach little toddlers not to throw fits it to make certain you listen and respond to everything they say. If saying "Put me down" gets them no results, they'll scream and push. If you stop and look at them and say, "You me to put you down" (even if the answer is no), then they learn that their words are powerful and worth using.

As a bonus, little Jesse can be very polite. He uses lots of, "Thanks, Mom!" and "Okay!" and "Peeeease!" Whenever the boys are heading out the door somewhere, poor Jesse clasps his hands under his chin (no lie!) and chirps, "Can I come? Can I come?"


  1. Asher is learning how to use new words too - but he is totally un-reasonable still. As I respond to some question he looks me straight in the face, then when I'm done he repeats his question - up one octave and noise level. I repeat my response. He repeats his request up one level...etc. Ugh. But maybe within a month that'll change? ??? Or maybe that's just Asher.

  2. Wow! Nice work, mom. Now you must post the strategies you used to encourage the progress.

  3. Encouraging thoughts about the littlest one. Paul still isn't using words, but in the past two months he's determined what he wants (i.e., screaming to be put down). I'm with Flem -- I'm always interested in knowing successful strategies!

  4. Sounds like Jesse knows how to use his cuteness as well as his words.

    I sure love your blog. I'm playing catch-up yet again.